what is required to become a cosmetic surgeon?

razzberry1001 asked:

So, I want to become a cosmetic surgeon when I grow up, but know nothing about it! I don’t know if it involves internships, what other experience I would need, what the best schools for this are, or what i would need to study in school. Can someone help me out?
radiology schools

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Any suggestions of a good cosmetic surgeon in northern california?

khukhu asked:

Any suggestions of a great cosmetic surgeon in northern california?
I dont know who to pick, who is a good price and who does good work.

I’m looking to get lipo and breast aug.

anyone have any suggestions?
thanks so much!!

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Can a cosmetic surgeon do this?

boxing_kangaroo asked:

If a person who has no nose (lets say from an accident or they were born like that), can a cosmetic surgeon create some kind of special synthetic nose?

Does anyone know of any cosmetic surgeons who can do this?
cooking school

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Any opinions on local plastic surgeons?

DarkAngel44 asked:

New to area and looking for board certified and accredited cosmetic surgeon who is “old” enough to have happy clients that will speak for him or her, yet “young” enough to be skilled at all the newest procedures available now, particularly in the area of facial skin resurfacing.I will also be requiring other services in conjunction with this that will give me the look I seek.
Thanks for any input!
becoming a surgical technician
BTW…..I am in Virginia Beach.

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Wanted: cosmetic surgeon for eye lid tuck/under eye surgery in San Antonio?

Raye asked:

I have wanted surgery on my under eye area since 6th grade. I have bluish bags under my eye courtesy of my father’s side of the family. I’ve never pursued surgery for fear. Well, I’m 35 and it isn’t getting any better. I’m tired of strangers politely wishing me well wishes to get over my cold. I’ve heard so many horror stories. How do I find a reputable doctor?

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My little sister had her Thymus extracted and its place is lower than the usual can she seek Cosmetic Surgery?

Kwassa Kwassa asked:

Well, she has got her Thymus Gland extracted while she was a year old I guess so and she’s now 11 years old, the place where the Thymus was which is the center of the chest and between the breasts is way too lower than the average and with a big and notable scar, the whole scene is like a valley in her chest or a hole covered by skin.

I started to be worried and I asked my mother about it she said that she isn’t sure if it’s because of the extraction of the Thymus but maybe she was born with that and the Thymus extraction helped it to appear deeper but I don’t know why I feel that it’s the Thymus extraction that made the whole low level in her chest.

I’m so worried about her that she’s gonna feel like different when she grow up and I don’t want my beloved sister to feel bad about it please help me!

-Can she have Cosmetic Surgery due to the critical place?

-Where can I find excellent Cosmetic surgeons? Because I doubt if there’s some decent ones here in Saudi Arabia.

Is there any websites that I can contact some decent Cosmetic Surgeons?

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does anybody know where i could find one of those scholarship contest?

nina m asked:

It has always been my dream to become a plastic or cosmetic surgeon when i grow up but am a middle class family where the steady jobs of my father is hard to find and i know that i will never be able to on my own go to one of these expensive medical schools. but i heard that there are contest you can enter to win scholarships or money to go to college. am almost senior and am affraid that if i dont have a plan and go to college my parent might want me to live with them forever.

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What website can I use to find out if my plastic surgeon has any malpractice lawsuits?

vane_bedoy asked:

He is board certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and American Board of Dermatology but before I put a deposit down and go through with it, I want to check everything about his practice…

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Kanye West’s mom’s cosmetic surgeon on CNN? If he wasn’t going to do the show, why did he show up? Why didn’t

4thtennenbaum asked:

he just send a statement instead of ruining Larry King’s show? He flew in to town and was late. How is this ‘respect’?

Wasn’t it the day after the death too?

I don’t really get it. Was it supposed to be more of an impact or ‘more respect for the family’ if he actually went there and took the earpiece off and left instead of just saying ‘no’?

Does anyone find this action ‘powerful’ and if so, why?

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How to writing argumentative essay about cosmetic surgery?

Aya J asked:

I started writing the Intro and the first paragraph, anybody got suggestion for further improvement or ideas as to what i could write next?

In Cosmetics now a day’s, plastic surgery has become an extremely popular and powerful procedure for people and especially for woman, to fit in their ‘Beauty of Culture’ of gender, race, ethnics and Social class. It pressures people to appear more physically attractive to model ideals, and more socially accepted in society. That and with some other people in there futile attempts of meeting these ideals with dieting and exercising, drives them to physically alter there appearance by plastic surgery.
People that are going to take the risks of being under the knife should strongly reconsider. Even though most of the surgical operations are successful, most patients will find flaws in there bodies after-wards because they are trying to fix there identities. “Surgeons sometimes suspect their patients are trying to solve emotional problems by altering there bodies” (Gimlin) It will not help them to better improve there self-esteem “these individuals to be physiologically unstable and impossible to satisfy” as Dr. John Norris believes and suggests that they should seek another type of service “a professional presumably a psychologist or martial counselor-rather that those of a cosmetic surgeon’

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How do I find doctors who got a specialization in breast augmentation and cosmetic surgery?

Stalking is Retarded! asked:

I plan to get breast implants, however, I do not want to go to a general plastic surgeon; I would like to find one that specializes in breast augmentation. I have searched this on google and can not find it. If it were in the Texas area that would be best. :) wow Reva that’s so smart… I never thought about that before. right.
I am doing it for myself. From my waist to my shoulders I look like a 12 year old kid and I am in my twenties. Anyone that looked like this would want them too. I dont need lectures, I just want to know how I can find a doctor who specializes in breast augmentation.

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Cosmetic surgery for men, Most common procedure? How to find best surgeons? Pec implants? Botox costs?

john63146 asked:

I am a white male forty six years old. I need freshening up. I want to look younger than I feel, at least younger than I feel I look. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Botox
I work out. I eat fresh fruit for breakfast I eat vegetables for lunch. I have chicken or fish for dinner. I’m FORTY-SIX years old.

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Is there anyone out there with Penoscrotal Webbing like me?

Jericho K asked:

How do you deal with this??? I can’t even keep condoms on for God’s Sake!! I need to find a surgeon in the area and the only one I can find is in New York. HELP!!!! Also, does anyone know what the cost would be? I have tried to email a few different cosmetic surgeons and they never seem to reply.

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To all Colombiana’s or someone who has received cosmetic surgery in Bogota or barder for a cosmetic surgeon?

nikkidavis26 asked:

Does anyone know of a good doctor that isvery cheap my girlfriend went and got her breats done for less then 1000 but I cant get ahold of her. I am interested in getting a tummy tuck Breast lift and lipo mabie eben the butt thing I am 27 had a baby 2 years ago and been working on my body and it is not going back to the way it was I was tiny and had a incredable body I want to get back into modeling so i can make some money I need to find a doctor that is cheap because honestly modeling is the only good thing im good at doing and want a way to support my son on his own so If I get this surgery will would be a dream come true and i have always wanted to get my ears done I have been severly depressed since my body has gone to waste Please anyone who knows any hookups let me know!!!! I live in South Florida and my grandmother lives in Bogota so I have a place to stay. All I need is a doctor that will work with me! And some good people that can help me find them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for any names prices or info you know please no negativity I am depressed enough move on to the ext person if you want to put someone down God bless.
Also My fiance does websites If you know a cosmetic surgeon that would do a barder he will do a 10,000- 15,000 website in exchange as well He has 30 years experiance and tons of referances with all types of computer work and much other techinal work as well you name it he can do it.
You can also tell me your stories i would love to hear

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